The Team

These people make the dream work.


Mel Kutzera

Co-Owner & Wine Lady.  You don't need a Somm pin to be an expert wine bullshitter. Having spent most of her life in the industry, Mel is a cavern of knowledge.  She can talk shop with the best about process and terroir or taste and nose notes, but her approach is down to earth and without pomp.  Mel believes that wine is for everyone and is eager to help you find something you like.  


Monica Nenni

Co-Owner & Taste Tester.  Her favorite place to enjoy wine is on horseback but she doesn't limit herself, for Monica there's always an occasion to enjoy a nice bottle of something French.  Formerly in marketing and party planning, she's your go-to for get-togethers.  Give Monica a call or shoot a message to organize your next birthday/reception/retirement/anything event and let us do all the heavy (wine bottle) lifting.


Al Summers

Master Drink Mixer.  There's been some debate about the title of best bartender in town - but we know without a doubt that Al holds the cup.  She's always creating new concoctions or mastering the classics.  Whatever your poison, ask for Al and you won't be disappointed.


Katy Rose

Flower Child & Puppy Lover.  We first met Katy as a curious-about-wine customer who quickly graduated from sweet whites to dry rosé to big reds.  She's the newest member of our team and we are so lucky to have her energy and enthusiasm.  Katy is a fast friend to everyone she meets, so come down and see for yourself why we <3 her so much!


Di Arnold

Hop-Right-In Helper.  Di is Mel's better half and always there to lend a hand when we need her.  You'll often see her unloading groceries or helping with dishes on wine dinner nights but more often she's hanging on the other side of the bar with family and friends.